Infrared Microscope

IR-2200 Microscope System enables the user to inspect sub-surface images including MEMS device, 3D stacks, incoming wafers, photovoltaic and wafer level CSP’s with an astonishing level of precision.

More information available upon request.

Infrared Microscope

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Infrared Microscope

The IR-2200 system integrates the infrared table top microscope system with software and 4.1 Megapixel USB-3.0 NIR Camera.

Capable of high precision measurements, image capture, verification and inspection of materials transparent to the near infrared (NIR) / Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) wavelengths.

Model Frame Rate (fps) Resolution Pixel Size (um) Sensor format
1280(H) × 1024(V)
5.2(H) × 5.2(V)
6.66 x 5.32 mm
640(H) × 480(V)
6.0(H) × 6.0(V)
4.51 × 2.88 mm

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